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Learn German with Frankenstein


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"Ich habe love in me the likes of which you can kannst scarcely imagine und rage the likes of which you würdest not believe".

This Weeve Edition of Learn German with Frankenstein is the perfect tool to push you to the next level of German fluency. At the start of our weeves a few words in each sentence are translated into your target language.  By the end of the weeve, you will have learned up to 900 unique words and over 2000 unique phrases, without ever needing to pick up a pen or sit in a classroom. 

Weeve is a multi-award-winning startup with a simple mission, make language learning enjoyable and accessible to everyone. Our books are designed to make the process of language learning ridiculously simple. For any age with any background.

"A unique and innovative idea executed brilliantly. A truly fun way to learn"- M. McWilliams

"Weeve is such a fantastic idea, it removes the frustration so frequently associated with language learning. There's a sense of achievement as you progress through the book and it actually makes language learning fun! So far I see it helping and my students are loving it"- Aisling

"What I really enjoy about the books is the immediate feeling of success when you understand a word you've never seen before" - Anna



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