Evidence Based Fluency.

The weeve method is not only incredibly simple and enjoyable but is evidence-based and produces true fluent speakers, quickly!

Our Mission

Weeve's mission is to make language learning as effective, accessible and, most importantly, enjoyable as possible, and we do this in a very unique way.

Language Should Be Acquired And Not Learned:

Your brain is wired to absorb language in natural contexts. When you read or listen to anything that you enjoy and understand your brain forms an idea of what it means in the real world. This is called language acquisition and is mostly subconscious. Language Learning involves memorisation, repetition and exercises. This is a conscious process and has been shown to be very ineffective.

Never Compromise On Content:

Traditional language learning content is really boring. At weeve, we believe in delivering the highest entertainment value content. Content that you would have read, and listened to anyway so you are never compromising enjoyment while learning.

Personalized To Your Goals:

Finding your perfect reading level is difficult. Everyone has different levels of fluency and requires content perfectly matched to their level. With weeve, you are always perfectly matched to your level, from 1% in your target language all the way to complete fluency at 100%.

Everyone Can Acquire a Language:

There are 1.2 billion language learners in the world all with uniquely beautiful cultures, literature and entertainment. Weeve transcends these barriers by delivering users their native content. Content they are used to and grew up with. This increases motivation to learn and satisfaction across time which leads to much better rates of fluency.


Weeve's mission is to make language learning as effective, accessible and, most importantly, enjoyable as possible.


Our Story

The idea for Weeve was born when Cian was having a bath and an apple hit him on the head. Four years ago, Cian spoke only English and decided to try and learn Portuguese. For two years he tried and failed to learn the language using the traditional methods available out there – flashcards, language learning apps, and grammar lessons. Despite having over 5000 words memorised, Cian found his speech was still slow and his comprehension was poor.

Frustrated at his lack of progress, Cian began to research second language acquisition. The core message that research and academia has proven over the past 50 years is simple - you only acquire language when you read and listen to content you understand**.** The problem was that there is no option for beginners to get their hands on comprehensible input as they do not have the foundational knowledge required to jump into reading short stories and novels.

So, inspired by the evidence that bilingual students learn best in settings where languages are blended together, Cian began a six-month-long journey of researching, trialling, and developing the first-ever Weeve book (a Swedish version of The Wheel of Time). He pulled in Evan, who had had a terrible experience learning languages in school, and the two of them began developing the idea.

As the first Weeve guinea pigs, the pair knew they were onto a winner when they were capable of learning their first 400 Swedish words with no effort, no memorisation and no pain.

The hunger for Weeve’s products (At the time the company was called Diglot) was evident from the launch of the first book, Learn Spanish with Sherlock Holmes, in July 2020. Sinead McAleer joined the team shortly after and helped consolidate and expand the book production process. The fourth member of our team, Oisín joined over the summer of 2021. A computer scientist determined to digitise the Weeve method so it can reach a global scale. From here we started to make exponential leaps in translation accuracy and developed our proprietary algorithm for producing the best weeve scripts.

Since then, The paperback collection has expanded to 41 classics in eleven different languages and has sold over 3000 copies to 28 different countries. These titles were all republished with improved design, language and usability, pioneered by talented designer and long time friend of Evan and Cian, Aaron Connolly. Who became the fifth to join the weeve brigade.

January 2022 arrived and we knew we needed a change. We needed to bring weeve to digital to provide the most immersive, personalized and enjoyable educational experience. The team spent the next 6 months developing the weeve app where you can now read/listen to condensed 15 minutes of the top non-fiction books. Our users are loving the control they have over their language learning journey and we cannot wait to continue development of the app.

The response to Weeve around the globe has been one of immense demand and hunger winnings awards like the LEO ICT Award, reaching the finals of one of Europes premier AI accelerators, Alsessor, and placing in Spark Crowdfundings’ top 100 most ambitious companies 2021. With the founders appearing in the Sunday Independent's 30 Under 30.

Our mission at Weeve is to make languages natural, ridiculously simple and accessible to everyone. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do, and stick around for our journey.

Our Team

Weeve's mission is to make language learning as effective, accessible and, most importantly, enjoyable as possible, and we do this in a very unique way.

Evan McGloughlin

Evan is a Neuroscience graduate from Trinity College Dublin and has a passion for learning and education. He always despised how languages were taught in school always thinking it felt very unnatural. When Cian came to him with the idea for Weeve it instantly resonated with him as a more natural and effective approach.

Cian McNally

Cian is a Psychology graduate from Trinity College Dublin and a language learning enthusiast. In the past 4 years he has gone from speaking only English to being able to read many novels in Portuguese, Spanish and German, as well as short stories in Swedish and Italian. When he’s not revolutionising the language learning industry, he is probably found playing chess or talking about how tall he is.

Sinead McAleer

Sinead lives a double life – working in a bank by day and growing Weeve by night. After graduating from Computer Science & Business at Trinity College Dublin, Sinéad moved to London where she now leads our international office (aka a desk in the corner of her bedroom). She has a passion for start-ups, technology and vegan/vegetarian experimentation!

Oisín T. Morrin

Oisín loves all things at the intersection of language and technology. This brought him to study Computer Science, Linguistics and Irish at TCD as an All-Ireland Scholar. Japanese, Irish and Python are his love languages, and he also dabbles in Korean, German and Scot’s Gaelic. Outside of Weeve, Oisín can invariably be found with a new book in one hand and a coffee in the other.

Aaron Connolly

Aaron is passionate about science, art, design and technology. As a graduate of Physiology from Trinity College Dublin Aaron brings a strong foundation in research to the table. This, paired with an advocation for User-Centric Design allows Aaron to come up with creative solutions to serve the needs of our users. When not creating mockups, Aaron can be found listening to music or playing some form of sport!

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